Dear Participants

To realize this great organization, which we have prepared in solidarity and with great effort, and to provide you with better service, it will be very important for you to comply with the following points and fair time! Thank you in advance for your interest and sensitivity



• The fair will be held at PULLMAN CONVENTION CENTER between Tuesday, April 16, 2024 and Friday, April 19, 2024.

• Fair visiting hours are between 10.00 – 20.00. The entrance to the halls is 09.00 for company officials. Visitors will be taken to the halls from 10.00.

• All personnel (including company managers) in your stand must wear their badges. Especially at the entrances of the fair, it must be shown to the officers when passing through security points and turnstiles. Officials who do not carry badges will not be taken to the fair area at 09.00.

• The fair area is monitored 24 hours by the organizer security officers. Your company is responsible for the internal security of your stand during the visiting hours.

• It is highly reminded to secure your bags, portfolios, computers, and personal belongings at your stands that remain empty after the evening closing time.

• After 19.00, which is the evening closing time on the days when the fair is open, even if the companies have their own production, the product releases cause misunderstanding. Companies wishing to remove products from the fairground should be forwarded to the EKS Fair Organization office until 18.30 and obtain a written permit.

• Corridors are cleaned by staff in charge. The interior cleaning of your stand belongs to your company. For security reasons, the cleaning staff does not enter the stands. Your garbage will be taken by our staff only in the evening after the fair is closed (in a thick garbage bag, with its mouth tied and not spilled, not to leak liquid) in front of your stand.

• It is strictly forbidden to put products in the corridors during the fair.

Noisy events will not be allowed during the fair, disturbing the companies at other stands.

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