About Us

About Us

EKS established to contribute to the value-added export and development of the Turkish shoe industry, EKS has been bringing the Turkish shoe industry together with international purchasing delegations and the players of the global shoe industry since 2015 with the Eksposhoes brand. The professionals from industry providing services within the meaning established by the fair EKS more than 25 years, including Turkey was beginning to create a sensation all over the world, Eksposhoes continues its activities by getting stronger each year with the footwear leathergoods fashion exhibition. As management, we approached Eksposhoes not only as a fair but as an export and trade platform of the Turkish shoe industry. This approach caused the shoe industry to feel ‘Trust’ rather than bringing us capital.
We will continue to bring together approximately 120 shoe manufacturers with 1,500 foreign business people from almost every continent every year and contribute to the increase in exports of shoes exceeding 1 billion dollars without any interruption.

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